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Four exciting fantasy adventures from the two minds of
Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman!
Pic of Carol and Perry

Expect the unexpected! Think the unimaginable!
And be prepared for an incredible adventure

Of Two Minds

Princess Lenora and Prince Coren are trapped in their own worlds. Lenora has the ability to make whatever she imagines real. But she is strictly forbidden to do this by her parents and the laws of her land. Prince Coren has the ability to read minds. But everyone else can read his mind—meaning he can rarely keep his thoughts to himself.

Princess Lenora's parents want her to marry Prince Coren. But Lenora has a better idea. She runs away–only to find Coren still by her side. Their thoughts and fates have intertwined. Together they must fight an evil tyrant and forge a future for themselves…with one spirit, and of two minds.

"This collaboration begins with elements borrowed from traditional fairy tales, then offers an original, unpredictable twist: fresh, well-rounded characters; and an ambiguous, thought-provoking ending. . .Matas and Nodelman have themselves done a heroic job of melding their two voices to create a kaleidoscope of character, cultures, and events that offers both entertainment and enrichment to young readers." –School Library Journal, starred review.

Of Two Minds is published in Canada by Bain and Cox and in the United States by Simon and Schuster. This novel is also available from Scholastic Books in their Point Fantasy series.

More Minds

Things sure are wrong, and Lenora wants to right them. The headstrong princess craves an adventure, and defeating the giant who has appeared up north would be a great one. The trouble is, no one will let her help. They want her to stay behind and plan her wedding to Prince Coren of Andilla, but Lenora has absolutely no use for color schemes or pew ribbons. Using the power to create whatever she imagines –an ability that all Gepethians have, but have agreed not to use–Lenora imagines a duplicate of herself (a duplicate who cares about pew ribbons) to stay at home, while she sets off on her mission. Quickly, Lenora realizes that the giant is just a symptom of a larger problem, and as she is joined by Coren and both of their duplicates, her adventure spirals out of control.

"This second collaboration will be welcomed by those who enjoy challenging fiction, told with humor and energy."–School Library Journal

Out of Their Minds

Lenora and Coren are finally getting married at the court of Andilla, Coren's homeland, where everyone lives in their imagination. There's just one problem: The Andillans' powers aren't working, and clearly the wedding can't proceed when the sacred Balance is so out of whack. For the headstrong Lenora, this means a new adventure. She and a reluctant Coren head into the Andillan countryside, where they come across the Skwoes, who have absolutely no imagination whatsoever. Are they responsible for the Andillans' loss of power? Whatever the source, the problems are getting worse: Now even Lenora's ability to make her thoughts real is failing. What is more, Lenora has been having a series of nightmares about the evil Hevak. Something has to be done before all of the people in two kingdoms are completely out of their minds.

A Meeting of Minds

Lenora and Coren journey to Winnipeg to meet Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman!

 Suddenly transported against their will, the Princess Lenora and her fiancé, Prince Coren, find themselves in a strange place–bone-chilling cold and snow outside, garish marketplaces and angry people inside. The inhabitants call it the city of Winnipeg. Lenora and Coren, however, have no idea where it is or whyhey are there. They can't return home because, yet again their imaginative powers have deserted them. The Winnipeggers refuse to believe Lenora and Coren are who they say they are. Strangely enough, though, they have read about Lenora and Coren in a series of fantasy novels by the authors Carol M. and Perry N. But just who created whom, Lenora and Coren wonder. And how will they ever manage to escape this frightening city, worse than their worst nightmare, so that their long-awaited wedding can finally take place?

Why We Wrote A Meeting of Minds

In thinking about the imaginative powers of the people of Gepeth, it suddenly struck us that they could have imagined us. After all, the Gepethians have the power to make whatever they imagine real, so why not this entire world of ours, including the city of Winnipeg and everyone who lives there–including us? Lenora and Coren are figments of our imaginations–but we might also be figments of theirs. In A Meeting of Minds, that is exactly what happens. Lenora and Coren and the authors Carol M and Perry N come face to face, as Lenora and Coren find themselves stuck without their powers in the city of Winnipeg and unable to get out. Who created whom? And will Lenora and Coren ever manage to escape this frightening city, worse than their worst nightmares? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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